Wallpaper hanging tips

1. Clear the room Clear the room of furniture and cover the floor with butcher paper /sheet 2. Remove

Adorn the walls with Tapestry

Tapestries are woven pictures. They tell a story or depict some landscape. Tapestries have been used since olden times.

Tree wall decal

Tree wall decal with tree images can be used in different ways to decorate the wall As seen above,

Nursery wall decals

Whether you are new parent doing up the nursery for the first time or you are renovating the existing

DIY Wall Stencil

(image from BHG) With a wall stencil you can create beautiful pattens on the wall which is already painted. Wall

3D mirror clock wall art

How awesome is it when you have a 3D clock on your wall. This wall decor is sure to

DIY Art mural wall decal sticker

Adding wall mural to the feature wall is a good way to create some statement and to set the

3D wall art for kids room

3D wall arts are pretty and extra dimension to the room. You can add them to any room or

Frozen wall poster for kids

Disneys latest winning movie ‘Frozen’ has become popular with kids. It would be very nice to have kids room

Vinyl stickers wall art

Vinyl stickers are affordable wall art which are D-I-Y and removable. These type of vinyl stickers can be applied